Breathing at Dawn


I love to sleep. It’s part of my self-care practice: getting enough rest. I adore falling into the mystery of dreamtime; the relaxation and healing place my body goes to repair herself. I love waking up rested, to a new day. And yet,…


Those Weeks When Sorrow is Afoot <3

transformation tarot

You know how you have those weeks when you feel your sadness and grief come through? Even when you’re doing everything “right,” even when you’re resting enough and eating well and moving your body. But you get a cold. Or you feel randomly…


Finding Ritual: Writing Our Way to Health

[a field of flowers in the sun. text reads: Finding Ritual: A day-long retreat to unlock creativity and power. nov 22, 2015 in mid-city Los Angeles. register at]

In the past few months, my life has transformed. Like actually — it looks and feels totally different than it did six months ago. So here’s the story: I left my former career in the non-profit sector (where I spent my entire twenties)…


The Dying of Us: Letting Go

Fall Leaves

Yesterday, my spouse and I came home to the awful smell of death. You know, that rotting, sour, pungent fragrance that you catch as you walk by something, quickly? My nose didn’t detect the death, but Sammy’s did. As I was preparing to…


How Intuition & Creativity Saved My Life

Flowers & Ocean

Seven months ago, I walked away from a career I once loved and was thriving in. A career that came about on a whim — a move to LA in the middle of a recession that had me digging deep into the metropolis…


Your Book Wants to Speak


  It’s been close to three months since I have paid attention to the book that I am writing. It’s a book that I have been writing for a few years now. I kept it, literally, in my dark closet for a couple…


Opening Your Creative Channel: Write With Me!

Be the Moon

      What I believe is: we are all artists. We are all intuitive. We are all super connected to the Universe, to Spirit, to Purpose. What I know is that most of us do not carve out time to connect with…


13 Ingredients for HAPPINESS & JOY

1. JOURNEY: to the bookstore, to the mountains, to a new part of town. Adventure into places unknown to you (near & far). Delve into the mystery of your own heart, soul, body and mind. Be committed to the great journey of your…


When You’re Free


Freedom. What does that word conjure for you? What is free, anyway? Who is free? As I opened up my blog today, the phrase “When You’re Free” popped into my head as a title. I was thinking about myself in this precise moment.…


A Love Letter to Guatemala


Dear You, Thank you. Thank you, for your rumbling clouds, big like blue whales, hiding so much mystery & secret, as my plane descended. Thank you, for the sunset that greeted me hello upon arrival. The big ball of orange fire sinking so…