How Intuition & Creativity Saved My Life

Seven months ago, I walked away from a career I once loved and was thriving in. A career that came about on a whim — a move to LA in the middle of a recession that had me digging deep into the metropolis…


Your Book Wants to Speak

  It’s been close to three months since I have paid attention to the book that I am writing. It’s a book that I have been writing for a few years now. I kept it, literally, in my dark closet for a couple…


Opening Your Creative Channel: Write With Me!

      What I believe is: we are all artists. We are all intuitive. We are all super connected to the Universe, to Spirit, to Purpose. What I know is that most of us do not carve out time to connect with…


13 Ingredients for HAPPINESS & JOY

1. JOURNEY: to the bookstore, to the mountains, to a new part of town. Adventure into places unknown to you (near & far). Delve into the mystery of your own heart, soul, body and mind. Be committed to the great journey of your…


When You’re Free

Freedom. What does that word conjure for you? What is free, anyway? Who is free? As I opened up my blog today, the phrase “When You’re Free” popped into my head as a title. I was thinking about myself in this precise moment.…


A Love Letter to Guatemala


Dear You, Thank you. Thank you, for your rumbling clouds, big like blue whales, hiding so much mystery & secret, as my plane descended. Thank you, for the sunset that greeted me hello upon arrival. The big ball of orange fire sinking so…



last night I read a poem written by another poet, Alexis Pauline Gumbs. i embodied this poem with my own breath, my own flesh, my tongue. i let it live inside me. i let it breathe out like a ceremony. after my reading,…


& it begins

in the last month, the universe has asked me to honor my gift. it began when my first book arrived in the mail, my first participation in an anthology! it continued as i printed out my very first self-published chapbook: This Body, Our…


Why I’m Grateful for Sandra Cisneros

“I think all books are medicine, and and they are meant for a person who has an ailment of a certain kind.” -Sandra Cisneros I’m fifteen the year my English teacher assigns The House on Mango Street for our reading. This was the…


Sometimes We Forget Our Magic

Circles. Wombs. Magic. Death. Creation. My womb sheds cells every month. Builds & sheds, builds & sheds. I’ve held nothing inside of me, I’ve created nothing from the blood of me. And I’ve forgotten my magic; I’ve forgotten how magical it is that…