tarot picI offer affirming, intuitive tarot readings. Tarot makes a great gift to yourself in times of transition or when you’re wanting to gain deeper insight. A tarot session makes a wonderful and loving gift for friends and loved ones who may be seeking guidance.

  • 30 min – 1-2 cards $30-$60 sliding scale
  • 60 mins – 2-3 cards $45-$75 sliding scale
  • 90 mins – 4-7 cards $60-$111 sliding scale
  • Couples’ 60 min – 3 cards on relationship $111 – 222
  • Couples’ 90 min – 4-7 cards on individuals & relationship $133-244

Each session is tailor-built to you. I build you an altar that calls upon sacred stones and plant medicine. I cleanse with the medicine that calls to me for our session. The cards speak their wisdom as we have a heart-centered, sweet, fun, and real conversation with one another. It can get deep very quickly, so I ask you to come with an open heart, and to be as grounded as you can be (ie: quiet, private space, light a candle, etc).

Readings are done over the phone, unless otherwise arranged.

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