queer-feminist-visionary-immersion-and-retreatI believe we were made for this. That we got this. That we have this. That we are visionaries. That we are brilliant. That we are home in each other, that we matter. I believe in the collective. I believe in us, in our voices, in our sounds, our mouths, our hope, our waters, our ceremonies, our sacred gathering, our lives.

I believe in us.

I believe in the sweat of our movements, the sounds of our cooking. I believe in our laughter. I believe in our ancestors and our hope. I believe in our callings. I believe in the intuitive wild call. The love in our hearts beating out the map, the compass — finding us,  our kinfolk, our liberation, our families, our love.

I believe in us.

I believe we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. I believe in our brilliance and our ideas. I believe in healing oppression and opening up to prayer. I believe our Guides help us, when we ask and even when we don’t ask. I believe we are in this together. I believe in energy. I believe our visions are possible. I believe we have everything we need to survive this and thrive and burn it down and create anew. I BELIEVE in our survival and our resilience. I believe in the beauty of the hallowed out tree and swallows and sparrows and the roots and the soil and the water protectors and the water and the Beyond and gender fucking and queerness and sex and pleasure and orgasms and tea and coffee and roses and communion.

I believe we carry the medicine.

I believe in our power. I believe we get to be whatever we want to be. I believe we can do whatever we want to do and everything is possible.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. –June Jordan

The Queer & Feminist Visionary Immersion is a community that is meant to hold those of us who the world invisibilizes. We are media makers, activists, and cultural workers. Writers and artists. We are dreamers, we are healers, we are visionaries. We are expanding into our leadership and our voices. We crave connection and growth. We do good work. We build many kinds of relationships. Love is our compass. Community is our medicine. We are embodied. We are connected to the Earth and all its inhabitants. We are committed to intersectional healing work, with our Ancestors at our sides, and to leveraging the power of spiritual and political community.

We need one another. And unfortunately, the capitalist society we live in often leaves us out and isolates us. Our needs go un-met. We go unseen. We navigate misogyny, racism, homophobia and transphobia in our offices, in our family’s homes, at the airport, in bathrooms, on the street, on the bus, at the gym, in every public space imaginable.

So this space is for us.
With one another.

We Will:

1.    Gather, powerfully, with like-minded, supportive community
2.    Learn intuitive, spiritual, embodied, emotional development techniques
3.    Support each other in living our purpose, healing, releasing, creating, writing, and expanding our voices
4.    Practice being loving witnesses in powerful circle with one another
5.    Gather our superpowers and activate our gifts and talents in community
6.    Speak from the heart, listen from the heart, and be open to the magic & mystery that will emerge


You will get present to your challenges and your longings. You will do real work around releasing blocks, fears, and doubt. You will understand the importance of your voice. You will transform how you see your work and place in the world. You will gain tangible tools to love yourself, even when you feel like shit. You will grow confident in your worth, value, labor, and gifts as a queer &/or feminist visionary. You will begin to understand your genius. You will do healing work around money. You will have breakthroughs. You will experience transformation. You will be held in community.


1.    How (and why) to create a foundation of ritual in your life. In times like these, it’s natural to forget about the place of ritual in our lives. But ritual and spiritual practices are more important now than ever.

2.    How (and why) we need one another as visionaries. We will learn from the wisdom of Queer & Feminist Visionaries who are creating sustained change in the world. We will learn from one another. We will claim the genius of our already brilliant work and presence in the world, and become more confident and trusting of ourselves.

3.    How to create self- and collective-care practices to sustain your energy. Knowing what we need is a practice. It’s a process of learning to listen to the flow of our bodies and energy, how to ask for support, how to nourish ourselves in community and on our own.

4.    How to honor your artistry and creative practice. We will honor your voice and your practice as a liberation artist of our times. You will be the artist, the voice, the writer, the thinker, and the revolutionary.

5.    How to heal internalized money stories and ish around your value. We all have inherited money stories from our ancestors, communities and the capitalist world at large. We will get present to the legacies we’ve taken on, internalized, fought against, fought for, heal some of the trauma that may exist around money for us, and begin creating new stories.

6.    How and why our visions matter. We will allow ourselves to BE THE VISIONARIES of these times by spending intentional time deepening our visions.


I believe in our visionary futures.

That we are in this together.

That we will make & re-make the world again.

And that we do so collectively.



  • DATES TBD (our 3-month circle ran from Jan – April 2017)
  • the NEW QFVI will likely be a 9-month experience that begins in SEPT 2017. STAY TUNED! 🙂
  • Weekly Healing & Visioning Calls via Zoom {video/audio group gathering} — these will be 75-min – 90-min calls
  • Queer & Feminist Visionary Spotlights/Guest Speakers
  • “Dharma Talks” by yours truly on intuition, connecting with your Guides & Ancestors, money, courage/fear, consciousness, creativity, freedom, intimacy etc
  • 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Session with Sofia
  • An in-person Weekend Retreat in Southern California
  • Intuitive Curriculum centered on building a foundation of ritual, creativity, ceremony, play, self-care, and collective coaching
  • A secret fb group for you to build community with one another <3
  • More! What do YOU most need in your life right now? Tell me! <3
  • Additional coaching sessions at a special rate  <3

Questions, thoughts, feelings? YES! I’m here for it. Let’s talk.

Email me at sofia at sofiarosesmith.com and we can get on the phone or Skype to chat about it.


in love & liberation,


Screenshot 2017-04-05 11.17.01“Sofia’s Queer & Feminist Visionary Immersion was honestly one of the best gifts I could’ve gotten for myself in this new year. At the beginning of the immersion, I had no idea what to expect. I was met with feminist and queer love and an open, truly safe space where I could share exactly what I was feeling and be seen and held by others. Over the two months of Sofia’s QFVI, I truly transformed; I started out very anxious and full of self doubt in myself, my work, and my passions. I was burning out very regularly and unable to figure out why or what to do about it. Now that we’re nearing the end, I am so much more confident and able to trust in myself, my intuition, my voice, and my power. I am able to love myself and care for myself so much more deeply and with more intention. It’s been one of the best things I could’ve done for myself and my well-being. Much love and thank you’s to Sofia for this incredibly valuable experience. <3”   -Jasmine Aguilar, QFVI beloved

Nicky Smolter“I’ve been surprised how good it feels to be part of a community that shares openly and honestly. While I knew this would be good, I don’t think I realized how much I was needing to feel seen and heard and not alone. This has also helped me be more compassionate with myself. I feel so much more confident and at home with myself. This has been a very healing space for me. I isolated myself a lot for a few years during a depression and have been a little afraid of opening up again. This was really the perfect space to allow me to share again in a safe and affirming way that feels authentic to me. I don’t ever feel like I have to be different than who I really am. It has given me so much more confidence to be more authentic and open in my everyday life and really question what is truly possible for me. Thank you for creating this truly sacred space”   -Nicky Smolter, QFVI beloved


Nicole Rossi Client“I was searching for queer community to gather with regularly. I wanted to break free from isolation and heal in community. Soon after I declared that to the universe, Sofia announced that she was hosting the Queer and Feminist Visionary Immersion. This was the exact community I was looking for. It has been so healing to show up in circle for 3 months and witness each other. We listened and spoke from our hearts, holding space for each other to open up to our dreams. It feels so good to be able to be my queer self with a group of people who understand and accept me. This space has helped me open up to my visions, my joy, and my purpose. I am eternally grateful for this space. I remember why I am here.”  -Nicole Rossi, QFVI beloved


Natalie Camunas“Yesterday, I had the honor of attending our in person full day retreat for the Queer & Feminist Visionary Immersion that I’ve been committed to for the past 90 days. To describe this 3 month journey as magical is quite the understatement. It has been the best gift of my life. It has opened my heart to see the world in a new way. I have experienced joy more fully than ever before. I’m remembering from whence I came and where I am destined to go. We all began with a single heartbeat. Miracles. We are the star people. We are the magic makers. I am honored to have shared space with 5 beautiful teachers yesterday. Opening. Surrendering. Loving. Living. What more could an artist ask for. I am grateful.”   -Natalie Camunas, QFVI beloved