Loves. You are all so amazing. I look forward to each and every week of our gathering.

You are a genius. A visionary. Radiant. I have loved building community with you.

I have created this Feedback & Reflection form for you and for me for a couple reasons.

ONE: to be actively engaged with what has opened up for you. What have you learned? What has transformed or is transforming in you and your life as a result of the QFVI? It’s wonderful to reflect on what’s blooming in you at this juncture, and what wants to bloom going forward.

TWO: It’s an opportunity for you to give me feedback on your experience. You are the *first* cohort of the QFVI. You are important! And, your feedback supports my growth. It’s great for me to know what you learned that you love and what you want to learn more about.

So, treat this like a ritual that supports you and me as visionaries in the world. Light a candle. Play some music. Pray. And just let yourself relax and respond stream-of-consciousness style with the first gut responses that come up for you.


QFVI Feedback & Reflection Form