Sofia's Hands with Stones

Because ceremony will change your life

and community will make you feel held

and slowing down will bring you joy

and ritual will make magic happen

I offer ceremony to my people <3

Hello Loves! I’m Sofia Rose Smith, channel, intuitive guide, and coach for women {mostly queer women geniuses who are making Big Change in the world!}.

I LOVE the New Moons! New Moons are the perfect time for us to slow wayyyy down, go inward, release that which no longer serves us and lovingly create our intentions from the heart, in community, with lots of magic surrounding us.

To sign up for my FREE monthly New Moon Ceremony Call, scroll down  <3

I’m trained as an intuitive guide, facilitator and counselor, and I love love love creating sacred space with groups of beautiful souls. What I learn, again and again, is that when we have a strong container filled with beautiful, loving, powerful humans like you, magic and medicine just flow.

So let’s bring ritual to the New Moon together. I’ll guide us in prayer, ceremony, and meditation — and we’ll plant our dreamseeds for the next month.
Join me on my monthly New Moon Ceremony Phone Call!

rose petals in hairOur next New Moon Phone Call for women, queer folks + people of color is:

Thurs, May 25th

12- 1:00PM PST <3

Please register at least 24 hours in advance.


Every Ceremony is:

A beautiful gathering of souls with justice in their hearts, on the healing journey of life with you!

A space of listening, a space of sharing, a space of ritual to create your intentions for this moon cycle

A space to intentionally release and let go of that which is no longer serving you

A space to usher in the change and transformation that you are calling in for your life {and the life of the planet}

Loving witnesses!

Love to you on your journey and hope to speak to you soon!


Love, Sofia Rose



Sign up for the FREE New Moon Ceremony Phone Call on Thurs, May 25th from 12-1PM PST.

New Moon Ceremony Phone Call

Hope to circle up with you soon.