Sofia + Tree

Quiet the Mind. Move the Body. Release.  Open. Find Joy.

Feel yourself as Beloved.  Feel Spirit Holding You.

Nourish. Receive. Be in Ceremony.

I work deeply with a hand-full of artists, visionaries and entrepreneurs who are bringing about big change in the world, and themselves.

I am with you during times of transition, closing, and opening.

I am with you in your (r)evolution.

All healing is liberatory.

All our healing is connected to the collective, the ecosystem, Spirit, the land, our Ancestors, our communities….

Our healing creates wakes and world impact beyond our imagination….

What my clients have in common: a feminist politic, a desire to connect with their intuition, artistry, wanting something MORE from life but not always sure how to get there, a tendency to become overwhelmed by empathic overload or TOO MUCH going on, a longing for balance,  sometimes feeling isolated, a need for support so they can live into their visions of the future…

YES, you can create your life exactly as you want it. You don’t have to subscribe to anyone’s models of how to do life.

Are you living the life you love with purpose, power and clarity? Or, are you wanting to create more space in your life for daily rituals, dreaming up the life you know you want to live but haven’t quite reached yet. Maybe you’re fatigued, stressed and tired from giving so much of yourself? Maybe you feel like a work-a-holic, too busy for anything? Maybe you need some support setting boundaries and healing your relationship with money? Perhaps you’re feeling a low hum of “is this really all there is in life?” Or, perhaps you’re considering leaving a job or taking a BIG leap into the unknown…..

Whatever your needs are, I am here for you.

Let’s get to know one another in a 20 min intuitive visioning session (my gift to you)!

Light a candle. Call in Spirit. Be with yourself.

Together, we’ll call in ceremony and explore what wants to release and open up in your life.

In these sessions, you’ll gain a feeling of calm, clarity, and excitement about your life and solutions for how to create a flow towards self-love, joy, your goals and manifesting your authentic calling. Then, we’ll talk about the best ways to continue working together, if that makes sense for us.

To begin the journey, schedule your complimentary 20-min session below.

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