I created this healing fund to honor the ways I want healing & transformation to be accessible for those who most need it.

We are in a time when we all need to bring our unique gifts and talents to the world — not just because it feels good, but because we are actually needed; our movements for liberation need us.

As white supremacy and state violence do the most to terrorize communities, I move my wand in opposition.

I am here, a politicized healer, wanting to offer my skills, talents and gifts to those most impacted by institutional oppression.

As a queer femme of color, I also need to care for myself and offer my gifts in sustainable, long-term ways.

For that, I need my healing & coaching work to be funded and I invite you to contribute your resources to my healing fund for those who need it.

I will use this money to offer sessions free-of-charge to folks who are disproportionately impacted by state violence, racism, oppression, unemployment, and the like.

Priority will be given to Black + Indigenous folks, femmes, queer + trans people of color, and folks with disabilities.

To donate and support the work of healing + liberation, simply click on the button below.

THANK YOU! <3 your generous contribution makes a huge difference! <3


To inquire about healing or coaching sessions for yourself (done via phone or video, or in-person), email me at sofia@sofiarosesmith.com

We are enough.
We always have been.
We always will be.


In Solidarity & Love,

Sofia <3