Finding Magic is a creative collective committed to politicized healing, ritual, our voices, and the stories of queer / trans / femme / poc / and radical artists.

We believe that our healing is political: it's a process of re-membering our wholeness and our artistry, and it's absolutely linked to liberation & joy.

When we create, we are making ourselves whole. When we write, we re-make the world. When we allow ourselves the time and space to be ARTISTS, our Ancestors (past, present & future) rejoice.


We are all writers. We are all artists. We are all magic. Many of us have been trained to limit or close off our well of intuition and creativity. This is an online creative community, a safe and tender and social justice-centered space, for you to open up the channel of your artistry. This is a cocoon for our artistry.

Are you a writer who doesn't write?

Are you a poet who hasn't fully claimed that identity?

An artist who doesn't paint or doodle or play?

Are you an activist or visionary who's up to big things in the world --- and really wants to make time for your Artist self to come through?

Would you like to open up more to your intuitive powers?

If you said YES to any of this -- you are meant to be here.

I worked in the non-profit sector throughout my twenties. During that time, I found it hard to create a consistent practice of writing, creative play, ritual, meditation, and connecting with my intuition. Until...I finally just did it. I re-committed to the Artistry of my life. I scheduled my writing into my calendar, and I made it as important as everything else I was doing in the world. Then, Magic happened. I realized I was a Creative Genius. And, my whole life followed suit. I know the same is possible for you.

Your creative genius is right there, waiting for you to say YES to it.

AND ---- I've noticed that having a COLLECTIVE space is key to our artistry. So, I've created one. <3



  • Ritual & Writing Prompts centered in Body & Spirit...sent to your email inbox EVERY SUNDAY! {aka weekly love poems to inspire you to write} CLICK HERE for an example of one I sent out in October 2016.
  • Access to the Finding Magic Meditation library....filled with audio & video love letters to help you come back into your body, relax, heal and open up to magic
  • Monthly online writing sessions with Sofia & other Finding Magic members (we write together for an hour, and it's great).
  • Our private Finding Magic Facebook group...this is such a sweet space, an amazing, queer & feminist community of spiritual, emotional kinfolk.

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Would an intuitive writing prompt and ritual feel sweet in your email inbox every Sunday?

Would a library of magical meditations support you when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life or need some creative guidance?

Would an intimate private Facebook group be just the medicine you need every now and again? 

How about a monthly virtual writing group??

How about a creativity accountability buddy? You have unlimited access to Sofia via email whenever you need some extra love + support for your Artistry....

Stoke the creative fire in your belly...

A Finding Magic Membership is for you if you are seeking the wand of your creativity. You are searching for the well, you want to turn on the faucet. This circle is for you if you'd like to begin the sacred journey of connecting with your Artistry, through spirit-centered writing, ritual, meditation and community visioning.

If you want to write, find ritual, ease overwhelm, relieve stress and build connection, join our Finding Magic Membership Circles.


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Finding Magic Membership

Kindling is what we need to make a fire. We must begin to gather our resources, our kindling, all that we need to create a a powerful blaze in our life. For this circle, you’ll be sent weekly writing prompts & rituals to inspire you throughout the month and year, and so much more!

What You Get with Finding Magic

>A loving writing prompt & rituals sent to your inbox every Sunday

>>Access to our Finding Magic library of audio & video meditations created by Sofia to guide you to connect w yourself, Spirit, your creativity and your gifts

>>A monthly virtual writing group

>>Our private Finding Magic Facebook group with sooooo much loveeeee

>>Unlimited access to Sofia by email! <3


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