IMG_1881Definition of facilitate

:  to make easier :  help bring about facilitate growth

I love group facilitation. It’s literally one of my favorite things in the world! As much as I believe that our healing journeys are personal, I strongly believe that deep transformation happens on a collective level through feeling ourselves linked to a larger ecosystem, and our fellow humans in community.

Building community takes time and intention.

I support folks in doing that work.

I have been facilitating groups for close to twenty years. My journey began as a youth facilitator, grew as I was trained in feminist methods of teaching and social justice centered facilitation.

In the last decade, I’ve been able to integrate my ancestral practices of ceremony, as well as embodied breathwork/yoga/intuitive practices, and creative writing into my workshops.

I am trained in the way of Council, which was passed on from the Lakota people to my teachers at the Center for Council. I carry council with me into every space.

In all of my work, I bring in my own Guides and Ancestors, meditation, visualization, embodied movement, and a feeling of the sacred. Together we open to ceremony, writing, creativity, vulnerability, safety, and LOTS of love.

I offer workshops and ceremonies tailored to YOUR group. Are you a group of queer & trans people of color who would love a ceremony? I’m your gal. Are you an independent school or non-profit needing support with diversity & inclusion, focused on LGBT identities and racial justice?  I can do that too.

If you would like to hire me to facilitate a ceremony, workshop or training tailored to your community, simply submit the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’ve facilitated workshops, trainings and ceremonies with:





























Possible Topics:

Council Circle which focuses on the needs of your community

Race, Gender, Sexuality

Identity, Intuition & Sacred Practice

Ritual as Resistance

Healing & Visioning Circles

Spirit Poems: Writing in Times of Revolution

Building New Radical Wealth in Community / Healing $$ {with an anti-oppression framework}

Healing Ceremony

Loving Ourselves When We Feel Like Sh**: a self-love workshop

TOPICS are intuitive and flexible!

Feel free to click on my SoundCloud channel below to listen to some of my meditations and audio ceremonies to get a taste of how I feel, sound and create.





Go ahead and tell me about your needs in the form below or email me at

Speaking & Workshop Love Inquiry

Speaking & Workshop Love Inquiry

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