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“Sofia is the most gifted healer that I have ever encountered. She is deeply intuitive, and her dedication and devotion to her clients make her an inspired guide, channel, and mentor. I plan to continue working with Sofia for many years to come!” –Allison Schulman

Let me just say this. You are a genius. You are a visionary.

Everything you want for yourself in your life is possible. The thing is, none of us can do this life alone. We need each other.

After successfully transitioning out of my career in the non-profit sector and into the creation of my own radical enterprise focused on supporting queer & feminist visionaries, I can say with absolute certainty that I could not have done this alone.

One of the areas of my enterprise that I love is 1:1 intuitive coaching  + counseling because I get to support the long-term healing and transformation of my clients.

I also offer hands-on energy healing to clients who are in the LA area, using reiki and my own intuitive energy healing practices.

What is intuitive coaching?

I’m an award-winning facilitator, and trained as an intersectional feminist, counselor, yogi, reiki healer, and intuitive channel. I bring all of it. I have many years of experience practicing and leading ceremony. My spiritual practices are deeply grounded in the Earth, my own Ancestors, and my channeling gifts.

I believe that the relationship between myself and my client is sacred. We form a close partnership based on curiosity, trust, consent and intuition.

In our session, we open up to deep intuitive energy healing. We move energy. It’s beautiful. A lot of transformation happens in just one session. And, healing is cumulative, so I love to work with folks over a period of time, or for at least three sessions.

Every 1:1 intuitive coaching session I have is totally unique because it’s an energy we create with one another. You bring your wisdom, dreams, fears, expertise, cultural identity, gender, sexuality, politics and embodied magic to our partnership — and I get to bear witness to your genius and support you in expanding into a fuller expression of your {always, already} WHOLE self. All of our sessions are a ceremony. All of our sessions call in Spirit.

If you feel like you need support and want to schedule some time to chat and vision, go ahead and book a free 20-min call with me below.

From this place, we will explore if we want to continue working 1:1 together, or if one of my many group programs would be supportive for you.

Book Your Free 20-min Session

Questions? Yes please! Email me at sofia at

If you’re in the LA area, we can set up an in-person reiki + energy healing session. Email me for rates.

Still not sure if you want to book a session?
If you see yourself in any of these scenarios below {all of which I’ve gone through}, and you feel a YES in your body, then let’s schedule a sesh.

  • You’re leading a movement, a biz, or an organization (doing incredible work in the world), but you’re overworking, fatigued and anxious
  • You are feeling bored with your current j.o.b. and blah about your day
  • You want CLARITY on your soul PURPOSE: your direction, your path, your gifts, your talents
  • You want to feel more joy on a daily basis
  • You feel like you want to change careers {maybe even start your own biz} and find a new calling, but you don’t have any idea where to start
  • You’re an emerging {or seasoned!} queer or feminist visionary entrepreneur and you need some accountability and support
  • You need support in healing your relationship w money, letting yourself be visible, staying grounded, letting your marketing emerge from an authentic, spirit-centered place, etc!
  • You’re a Queer or Feminist Visionary — and would love some support staying grounded and connect to Spirit as you build your amazing life
  • You struggle with feelings of overwhelm in your life
  • You’re happy-ish in your career, but you’re so burnt out that you don’t know what to do
  • You’re in a period of transition — a threshold space — and you want to feel comfortable with the Unknown as you gain Clarity about your Path
  • You’re experiencing compassion fatigue from being an Empath, Intuitive and/or Highly Sensitive — you need help figuring this out
  • You’re looking for a sacred romantic partnership, but you’re struggling with intimacy
  • You’re struggling with the weight of multiple oppressions in the world and need some support
  • You want to connect with your own Magic
  • You want to reconnect with the Earth and the elements
  • You want to discover new spiritual practices that support you and your life
  • You want to create a life you love because that is a political act
  • You want to build practices of self-love and self-care and don’t know where to start


Basically, let’s talk. We’ll see if working together feels right. It’s all sacred and all happens in perfect time.

What my clients are saying:

Nicole Rossi ClientNicole Rossi: healer, herbalist, drum medicine, queer woman genius says,

“I am honored that I experienced Sofia’s intuitive coaching services. Sofia was a guide for me to radically transform into a more centered and truer expression of myself. Our sessions together were sacred ceremonies, where she intuitively guided me to explore the deepest parts of myself. Sofia supported me to stay grounded during my business creation. She showed me how to slow down, breathe, tune into my heart, and create my business with intention and ceremony. I am now grounded with the confidence to live the life of my dreams. Working (playing) with Sofia was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”


Emily GouldingEmily Goulding, writer, visionary, grant-maker extroardinaire says,

“Sofia Rose Smith is like no other. Think, Elizabeth Gilbert meets Carlos Castañeda. Or, a Chicana Marianne Williamson?
Sofia has crafted a highly original modality of ancestral intuitive coaching that helps women and people of color say yes to all parts of themselves and live full, creative lives beyond fear. She is an affirmative, positive healer that honors where each client is at and brings a culturally sensitive lens to coaching.

She always amazes me in her ability to become wildly in tune to each client’s experience. Armed with her creative genius and her bravery, Sofia jumps right in to help clients explore parts of their subconscious they have been reluctant or afraid to acknowledge. And her insights are startlingly specific. After working with Sofia, clients emerge from this process better stewards of their own lives and of our world at-large.

Sofia is our curandera prophet, helping us all get woke to the joy and possibility that lie within ourselves, and within our beautiful world.”


unnamedAngelic Navarro, queer creative genius says,

“Ever wondered what fills the gaps? Ever wonder how to reach it? There is a way. I had the very amazing experience of engaging in an intuitive guidance session with the lovely Sofia Rose Smith. As a queer creative who can love endlessly I am less inclined to open up to anyone, anywhere. Sofia is this gift of authenticity that generates a space and place of intuitive light. You are safe, you are supported and you are present. This doesn’t mean your guides will give you a picture of rainbows but it means that whatever light and dark comes up for you. You are safe. Years of therapy and yet there were still so many pieces missing. On a weekend afternoon surrounded by lit candles and the scents of beautiful oils some of those pieces were uncovered. Imagine gifting yourself things like hope, calm and awareness. These are the things that Sofia will help you unwrap and gift to yourself.”


Allison SchulzmanAllison Schulman, educator, nature enthusiast, writer says,
Since beginning my sessions with Sofia, my once stalled life has transformed in seemingly magical ways!

For several years before synchronicity brought Sofia to me, I had been feeling dissatisfied and hopelessly stuck in every major aspect of my life. Within just eight months of beginning to work with Sofia, I  have experienced major changes in my career, finances, weight, love life, and creativity.
I now have a new position that I love, working in a career that, while talented at, I never thought I could truly enjoy. In addition, my income has steadied and I am delighted to find that I continue to receive money from unexpected sources on a fairly regular basis.

My at one time on-going extreme fatigue has completely disappeared, and I have released about two sizes of excess weight.
Perhaps most miraculously (I really thought I was a lost cause and had totally missed my window when it came to relationships), is that I am now dating a wonderful man who is full of integrity, fun, kind, considerate, and adores me.
The cumulative result of these positive changes is nothing short of remarkable – I have more energy mentally, emotionally, and physically. I am even starting to feel my creative urges (which I thought I had lost after years of neglect and disuse) coming back to me.
Sofia is the most gifted healer that I have ever encountered. She is deeply intuitive, and her dedication and devotion to her clients make her an inspired guide, channel, and mentor. I plan to continue working with Sofia for many years to come!


mia-davisMia Davis, acupuncturist, artist, animal lover says,
“Sofia Rose has an ability to tap into the soul and pull out the most true and raw parts of you. At a time in my life when I felt disconnected and confused, I found Sofia Rose. One session with her catapulted me into beautiful creative opening. I left with more clarity and self-connection than I have ever experienced. She holds such beautiful space! I felt completely held, heard, and seen. After working with Sofia, and attending her monthly calls (so good), I’m more in-tune with myself, my creative needs, and my intuitive gifts. Its been a beautiful unfolding!”

Questions? Yes! <3

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in love & joyful liberation <3