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Are you full of ideas and creativity but you never quite find the time to focus on yourself?
Do you feel burnt out, struggle with anxiety, insomnia or exhaustion?
Do you feel unseen or unheard? Stuck, blocked, lost?

Would you LOVE to be living with greater Joy, Love, Passion, Purpose and Connection?

If so, you’ve found a home. I have struggled and moved through all of the feelings above and now I support femmes of color, women, queer folks, empaths, activists and intuitives find ritual, magic and joy in their lives.

I help you slow down, reconnect with Spirit, and heal the burnout, fear and anxiety that keep you from feeling inspired. I help you find the divine flow of your life and celebrate your gifts.

Trust me, I have been exactly where you are. Afraid. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Unable to fall asleep; waking up feeling stressed. I have felt angry, resentful, helpless, lost. I have cried crumpled up on my bathroom floor in the dark. I have felt trapped and terrified.

And, I have found a way to quiet the fear and anxiety that hold me back. I can help you find your own path to power, purpose, focus, creativity and clarity.

It begins with saying yes to you. Saying yes to what your needs and wants are. It begins with facing your fears and meeting them eye-to-eye. It begins with asking for the help you need and leaning on the support of someone dedicated to you and your life. It expands as you find your authentic voice, learn to connect with your intuition, trust Spirit, set your dreams, take the leap, and flow.

I know it can be done, because I’ve done it. Two years ago, I was miserable in a career that I felt I should have loved. I was terrified of leaving my successful position at a major international justice organization and I couldn’t imagine what I would do next.

Throughout my twenties, I worked towards liberation. I gave and gave of myself, which felt amazing — until I just couldn’t give anymore without resenting the folks I was giving to!

I started feeling disconnected. From myself, my purpose, my path — and from everyone around me. I felt sad and anxious, but I didn’t know why and I didn’t know how to “fix” it. I just knew something about my life needed to change…and fast, because, hey, depression is a beast.

So, I started working with a therapist, a life coach, and an intuitive guide. I took my years of practicing kundalini yoga and my own indigenous ways of ceremony…and I began to tap into my Channeling abilities, my connection with my Guides and so much more about divination, tarot, stones and energy work. My creative life began to come back; my wisdom began to pour from me; my connection with Spirit became stronger than ever. I surrendered to my gifts and my calling as they beckoned me to expand into my highest and most joyful self. The more I opened up, the more life opened up for me.

As I began to find my soul work and divine purpose, I became a certified community counselor as well as an intuitive guide and coach. I began to deepen my own spiritual practices. I built a daily relationship with my intuition, my Ancestors & Guides, my Goddess tarot, my writing practice, and my sacred rituals. Within a year, I had a plan in place to leave my job. It was terrifying, but my support team had my back.

To top it off, in 2015, I walked El Camino de Santiago, an ancient spiritual pilgrimage in northern Spain, and achieved great clarity about my purpose as a healer and a writer. Each day that I moved my body and glided over the earth, I grew closer to myself. I was able to quiet the hamster wheel of my mind (or notice it and smile). I was surprised by the power of my body — walking 10-20 miles a day for 21 days is no small miracle. I effortlessly connected with Spirit & all that is Beyond. Even though I know how “small” we all are in the history of the Universe, I also know that we are powerful beyond what we can imagine.  I now know that I can do anything. I believe we all can.


But I could not have taken all the risks I took over the last two years without a team. I could not have done it alone. My therapist provided a supportive space for me to work out my confusion. My life coach helped me LEAVE MY JOB. My coaches have helped me discover my soul work, set goals, and manifest weekly actions. My intuitive guide affirmed how innately brilliant and gifted I was. My spouse, friends and loved ones all supported me, as well. AND…I DID THE WORK. THE DEEP SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL WORK that is so necessary for us to do if we are going to get through the hard stuff. {then, I promise, it gets easier again!}.

No one needs to move along this path {sometimes through darkness} alone. I am here. I can be your guide.

I’m an award-winning facilitator, a sought after expert in race/gender/sexuality/intersectional feminism, a liberation worker, a published author and poet, a justice-centered community counselor, a partner, a deep listener, a lover of survivors, a priestess, a mermaid, and a healer. And, I already love you.

I now specialize in helping queers of color and our allies overcome sadness and burnout, going deeper into the shadowlands to heal blocks. From there, we reconnect with the ABSOLUTE MIRACLE OF YOU. YOUR MAGIC. YOUR PURPOSE. YOUR VOICE. YOUR BODY. YOUR ANCESTORS. YOU.
My healing work has become my political work: envisioning a world where everyone can feel gratitude and JOY. I continue to carry feminism, racial and gender justice in my heart — and I love working with those who may not feel understood by mainstream therapists and coaches who often don’t understand the way systems of oppression affect us.

So, I am here. A queer femme of color ready to help you end feelings of hopelessness and anxiety. I am committed to everyone being able to experience JOY, pleasure, freedom, delight, and purpose. I value all of us who are stewards of a better world and believe we can continue our work without burning out. We can CHANGE the world and find balance along the way.

If you’re committed to the deep work, let’s begin. You can email me at sofia at or simply schedule an introductory session with me for $100.

To learn more about those sessions, go here.

Love, Sofia




 Yep! That’s me, leaping! When I was little, I sooooo wanted to be a professional ballerina (like my godmama). I am still and will always be a dancer. So let that begin a few more tid bits about moi!

  • I grew up Hawaiian dancing with my mama & sister (which led to jazz & modern dancing later). We spent so much time in our hula community that apparently I thought I was Hawaiian!
  • Now, I know that I am not *actually* Hawaiian, although my Ancestors have roots around the world, from Veracruz & northern Mexico to Belgium, Ireland & Scotland. But, according to my mom does have a tiny percentage of ancestry from Polynesia, as well as Africa and South Asia!
  • I’m a 3rd Generation Angeleno! My great-grandparents on my mom’s side moved to LA after the Mexican Revolution (great-grandma was kidnapped by Pancho Villa and then fought alongside him, they tell me) and my dad’s side came over from Europe in the 1600’s!
  • I fell in love with a girl when I was 21 (for the first time, consciously at least 🙂 ). It really turned my world inside out – it was scary and amazing. 10 years later (and lots of dating in between) I married that first love of mine on a mountain in Ojai (you’ll hear me talk about Sammy, who now identifies as genderqueer)
  • I spent my 20’s in school among the redwood trees (Santa Cruz) and doing a lot of work in education, arts, and activism, with service jobs on the side! I’ve had a job since I was 17 years old, which made my leap OUT of a high-profile, stable job last year that much scarier, but also liberating (notice how those two often go together?).
  • I became an Auntie this spring 2016!
  • I’ve always been an empath, intuitive spirit, and a little bit psychic (runs in the family). These “soft” and magical skills have always served me, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized what a gift all of my witchy ways are. Are you a little witchy too? I hope so 🙂
  • I’ve also been a writer since I was 7 or so and my dad got me my first journal and a fountain pen. I’ve been writing since then. The best medicine for my writing life has been community! I’m a proud alum of Voices of Our Nations (VONA – a retreat for writers of color) and love Las Lunas Locas, a women of color-centered writing group here in LA. I’m a big fan of having partners, mentors and guides in our poetry & writing lives!
  • I’m a middle child – with all the hang-ups and diplomacy that goes along with that. 🙂
  • I’m guided by this daily: “whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin now.” -Goethe
  • I walked El Camino de Santiago for my honeymoon last year. I never felt so powerful or so clear in all my life.