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You Marvel at the Magical Connections


As you know I’ve been traveling in Brasil the last few weeks. Traveling: moving quietly, treading lightly, with great intention in a land that isn’t mine. Praying to the Ancestors here. Feeling grateful for the possibility in my life to live into this vision of mine to see and feel places I’ve only dreamt of.

I learn through feeling; through emotion; through my senses. I understand everything in an embodied / felt / emotional way. This is how I learn and how I know. Facts can come in, too, but mostly my memory is felt.

So when I get to visit a place, I get to smell the fish in the air from the pescadores slicing open their day’s bounty. I get to see and connect that with the dances to Yemaya, the fishermen and their wives giving thanks to the goddess / creatrix / force of mama Ocean. I get to see the way folks look me in the eyes here to say hello. How they see me / how I feel seen / how I see them.

Yesterday, Sammy and I left Salvador (a city in Bahía I fell in love with). We took a ferry to a bus to a speedboat to reach the shores of this island.

I felt weak, like I’d tunneled through space.

As we met who will be our host, he asks us to sit down. Then he tells us that there’s a wild coincidence that just happened. Angela Davis will be here in an hour. He has hosted her before, which I know because I met the Afro-Brazilian queer feminist who brought her here a couple months ago in LA. (And when I think about it, each person I meet or know holds so many incredible connections to others, it’s astounding how interconnected we all are).

In any case, I am honored to be on the same island as the great Angela Y. Davis. I took one of her lectures in college and it transformed my worldview entirely.

Our host invited us to dinner and asked if he could move us to another room for one night to accommodate Angela Davis.

It wasn’t even a question for us, of course we would, it would be our honor.

So that night at dinner we said hello to this legendary intellectual and activist whose work has changed so many lives. We met her partner, who many of my friends have also studied with. And we marveled at the serendipitous, lovely dreamscape of life.

My teachers and friends have shared this with me: that when you follow your desires, as strange as they may seem to you, or random even, you will always be on your path.

Being on the same island as Angela Davis made me believe this is true.

As did sipping freshly-picked Boldo leaf tea to settle into my equilibrium here. As did resting in the hammock and writing poems in my head. As did all the sounds of the birds and insects and the plant life at dusk. As did the deep felt knowing that the birds, insects, plants and ocean are all quite literally my Ancestors.

What serendipity is happening in your life?
What magical coincidences that remind you how big and small the world is?

In love + magic,




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