Posted by on July 3, 2017

There’s a way in which the Ocean has been calling me, more deeply than I’ve been called to her before.

A way in which she’s showing up for me in dreamtime.

Her shoreline, her waves and undulations, her waters.

It’s a time of water for me, a time of being with mama Ocean.

I am listening.

A few times a week, I visit her.

To rest and lay down my head, listen to her sounds, submerge my body and feel entirely held by her lapping waves.

Or, to let her soothing, powerful medicine weave into the magic of a Reiki session or ocean ceremony with one of my beloved clients.

Mama Ocean can hold us (as can the mountains, the land, the soil), in ways that we can’t often be held by our human communities. She is part of us, always, even when we don’t know it.

We exist because of her.
We exist through her.

We are never separate from the land, the water, the plants and algae and seaweed, the animals, the stars, or Spirit. We are with all of these forces, held, always always always.

She is there for us.
Our mama.
Our home.

I’ve been realizing how home I am with her.
In her, beside here, alongside her.
When she’s in my dreams, or I am on her shores.
When I can swim or sit with her sounds and smells around me.

I am at home with her.

And, some say, we come from the water.
She is our original home.
We evolved from water.
Even the womb is us swimming in the oceanic waters of the mama / parent / holder. An ocean in our bodies.

Let us be water.
Be as water.*
Move like water.
Let water move through us.

Be home with water.

In a couple days, I’m going to the Ocean for the whole month of July, in Brasil. I’ll be with mama Ocean, deepening my relationship with her.

I’ll tread lightly, be soft, offer my prayers to the waters, the land, and the Ancestors of the places I will visit.

I’ll ask for prayers too, as I offer gratitude for all the teachings, beauty, deliciousness, wisdom, joy, and laughter that come through my days.

I am so grateful for the flow of my life.
I am grateful to be alive, and to be on this path I am on (we are always, always on our paths).

I am grateful for you, too, wherever you are.
I exist because of you, too, and you because of me.

In’lak ech, as our Mayan ancestors said, “I am another you.”

Be well, beloveds! <3

all my love,

Sofia <3

Stay in touch with me on my journey in Brasil.
I love posting on Instagram here, and my partner and I post here a bit as well while we are traveling. <3

*Lidia Yuknavich signed her memoir, The Chronology of Water with the phrase “Be as Water” and it has stayed with me ever since I saw that…..


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