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Today, I took my sketchpad into the garden and set the long tree pages against the iron table. I scooted her to the shadow, so I could see. And then, there was the art. The shadow itself, guiding me to trace her lines. I plucked my black charcoal from its little bed, and let the soft of my fingertips, the glide of my wrist, follow the lines of bougainvillea shadows.

They tell us stories, you know.
The shadows.
I noticed instantly how the wind moved the shadow: how do you trace, how do you follow the lines of a moving shadow?

She was dancing.
My fingers were dancing with her.

I thought about the shadow work that’s come up in the last few weeks for me.

How I dance with my own shadow.
How the patterns of my shadow are familiar — and how they move and change with the wind. I can see or feel new angles, different lines and access points.

I can feel the prickly pear of my shadow. I can also feel her love of me. And how she is so committed to my healing.

My deep healing.
My long, lifetime healing.

She blends so much love & joy with the shadow work.
She gives me so many blessings.
Redwood trees and ocean. Community. Babies. Beloveds.

My art.
My medicine.
My ancestors.

Everything I need.
I always have everything I need.
I am always cared for.

It’s true that I haven’t written to you all in some time.
It’s been a good re-birthing time for me.
I never want to do anything just out of habit alone.
I want to do it because it feeds me. It feeds me and brings me joy and re-makes the world somehow.

So I wait, until the time feels right.
And today it did.

Blessings to you on this Full Moon in Scorpio time, as we move out of Mercury’s Shadow and into the brightness of spring.




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