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Queer & Feminist Joy Collective 2Joy. I rise with Joy. I rise with my body, before any alarm. this is joyful rising for me. i let my cheeks smile. i inhale & exhale. i remember the way rising as a kid felt like hope + joy + love for another day.

Could our lives feel like this? always?

Breathe in. Imagine your body relaxed + happy when you rise. no alarms. no to-do lists or what yesterday was or what’s happening tomorrow. just breath + rest + your body + joy.

this last weekend, we had our in-person ceremony + retreat for the Queer & Feminist Visionary Immersion. It was like tasting an orange for the first time: peeling the skin off gently, opening to what’s inside, seeing the citrus joy, placing one wedge on your tongue, letting the juice burst open in your mouth, sharing the rest with friends. That kind of sensory magic. After gathering weekly (via video) with these loves since January, we feel like home to one another. Kindred. Souls on a journey together. Still, yesterday was special. To hug! To physically be in one space together. Our heartbeats aligning to one another. Our breath gentle together. We drank from the same pot of open hearts tea. We laughed and felt the aliveness of Joy in each others’ bodies. We broke delicious bread together (made with love by another queer feminist visionary vegan caterer).

We opened ceremony with one another, called in Spirit, which we do every week, but ceremony carries a different feeling when we are together in the flesh, under the same sun, and wind, and sounds and smells around us.

We let the medicine teachings come through. We let the fire offer us what we needed. We gave thanks.

I pinch myself sometimes…that this is real: that I am doing exactly what I love for a living, for my real life (something I’ve been writing about creating for many years). It’s not a fantasy anymore; a dream out there in the future. It’s my present. And I am SO grateful.

My cup runneth over.

To my queer & feminist visionary loves: you are my heart. And my heart is full with our love.



The Queer & Feminist Joy Collective is now open! Registration closes on Wed, April 19 at midnight PST. I would love to have you as part of our circle. Talk to me about it if you’d like to join us!

Please do share this opportunity with your friends & community. Your referrals are the highest honor for me, and I’m so grateful.

May we plant the seeds of joyful liberation together. <3


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