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This morning, and every morning this week, I went on a walk.
I like to go out into the LA sunrise, before the day has begun.
I like to feel the crisp air on my cheeks. I like to move my body in this way to begin my day.

This is my morning ritual right now.

Our bodies store memory. You know this.
Our bodies remember. Our cells hold stories. Our blood and our bones carry the medicine of our Ancestors. And they also carry the trauma. We carry the experiences of everyone who came before us, and all of our own memories, like an imprint in our blood, cells, & muscles.

When we move, stretch, dance, walk, we open up our bodies and let the stories and memories open and release.

Sometimes, you might cry from a deep stretch. You don’t even have to know why! But just the act of stretching and moving and opening releases something that needs releasing.

Trust it.

Another something that happened on my walk today was I remembered a dream I had last night.

Our dreams carry signs and messages for us, and it can be very powerful to remember and listen to the love notes and instructions our dreams encode for us.

I dreamt that I was listening to a conversation my mother was having with her best friend about me. She said I was feeling sad. Her friend asked her what she thinks would help me. And I waited, a little worried about what I might hear, for the answer.

What she said was so clear and simple: “I think she needs to go to Mexico. I think that would be good for her.”

Mexico is the land of my own Ancestors, my mother’s Ancestors.
It’s been a place I’ve been called to super deeply recently. I haven’t been to Mexico in thirteen years.

And it was as I was walking this morning that I remembered this message, this sign. I can be witness to it and let it come into my life however I choose. The first step is just to notice.

What signs are you noticing in your life?
Who are you meeting?
What are your dreams telling you?

Just observe…

In Love & Liberation,

Sofia <3


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