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Before I get started, here’s a live video pinned to my fb page that I recorded yesterday, talking about how we are all healers, and how to bring your whole entire self into the work you do.

I believe we are all healers. I believe that the work we are doing in the world is making us more whole.

I believe we all have superpowers AND that our superpowers are activated in community.

What are your superpowers?

I believe that remembering your superpowers makes you whole.

I believe Octavia Butler when shes says, “All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is Change. God is Change.”

I believe we are in times of change and that our truth matters now more than ever.

I believe that coming back into our bodies, finding our breath, and slowing down is a part of our being whole in the world.

I believe self-care is radical, political, and necessary. I believe it is a selfless act too, because it’s how we sustain ourselves, so that we can keep giving to our communities.

I believe we get to be complicated, complex, rich, and varied. I believe we don’t have to make ourselves smaller or easier to digest. I believe in healing over-simplification.

I believe that community is medicine and that we can’t be our WHOLE and ENTIRE selves without community. Community is part of how we get whole and healed.

I believe we are all in this together. And that complete magic happens when we gather. I believe in group alchemy and healing and transformation. I see it happen again and again in the work I do…and I bow down to the brilliant superpowers of you all.

So, what do you believe?
What do you love?
What parts of your passions or your identities are you hiding from the world?
What parts of yourself or your beliefs do you want to make more visible?

Whatever you discover, I love it.
And I hope you share it with me and with all of us.

in love & liberation,


PS Writing in Times of Revolution starts NEXT WEEK! 🙂 I’m excited….be sure to sign up asap so I can send you all you need.

PPS I haven’t announced this publicly yet….but I am hosting my first superpower group program in January 2017! The Queer & Feminist Visionary Immersion is happening…and I can’t wait. I’ve had a few folks reserve their spots, and if you’re interested in what this 3-month healing & visioning circle could mean for you, let’s talk! It’ll be a lot of group magic, with weekly virtual gatherings, dharma talks about creativity, money, somatics, liberation…with a day-long retreat together for spring equinox! You get 1:1 intuitive coaching with me as part of the immersion, too. If it sounds dreamy, let’s talk about how it can be possible for you.


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