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IMG_1428a letter from my adult self to my inner artist

My Love,

You have everything you need.
You don’t need to take any more classes or get any better at your art. You are exactly perfect as you are.

What you do need to do is this: tell your truth. Ask yourself: what do I love? Daily. What will bring me joy today? How do I want to feel and what helps me get to that feeling?

Does writing make you feel good? Then honor it. Ten minutes a day is magic.

Does movement make you happy? Then say yes to it! A walk in the autumn sunset, a stretch of your hipbones, an opening wide of your arms so you feel the stretch of those muscles and receiving of your heart.

Open as much as you can. Let yourself be open.

You are a channel of intuition and creative genius, and it behooves you to stay and become more open to all of you.

Play piano. Let yourself dance. Spend quality time in the kitchen. Bake cookies. Wash dishes like an artist…garden or sing or create in any of the ways that feel JOYFUL to you.

Notice what brings you JOY and then do more of that. Bring that medicine into your life.

What time do you love to go to sleep? Honor that time in your body. Do you like having a morning practice with the sunrise? Honor that.

Your life is what happens in your every day. There is no future moment when you will be able to have more time to live in a way that feels joyful. You must, lovingly, begin now. Begin today.

If we know anything at all it is that our time here is dated. Our bodies are temporary cathedrals for our souls. They will crumble, they will fall. They will become soil. In a way, we are just apparitions, although within very significant embodiments.

Love your body. At the root of each day, love this fleeting home, your flesh and blood and bone. You, your life and breath and body, have an expiration date.

So what are you here to feel? To do? To create? To imagine?

You are the possibility of anything.

Who do you love? Who are your possibility models, your chosen ancestors? Pray to them. Ask them for help in knowing yourself as an artist.

And let them support you.
You need not do this alone, ever.
You are not alone.
Your artistry is a part of all that is and you are a genius of creative energy {even if you don’t believe it yet}.
Bring yourself to your art and you will know the energy I speak of.

Your Adult Self


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