Posted by on October 19, 2016

Sofia + TreeMy Loves,

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes have a dip in your energy. You sometimes are filled with self-doubt. You sometimes can’t kick the overwhelm or calm the fatigue. You sometimes don’t know how brilliant and beautiful you are.

Yesterday, I recorded a Facebook Live  in my pajamas.
I talked off the cuff into a camera and I hadn’t washed my hair in a week. I didn’t put on my eyeliner, I didn’t even get dressed. I just let myself be in myself, and rocked my favorite tie-dye onesie that I got in a dollar box more than a decade ago.

And so I just wanted to say hell yes to this. To the parts of us that are brilliant in our everyday-ness. In our PJs, without makeup, un-showered. I get to love you in that way. YOU get to love you in that way.

Every part of you. In all the ways. In all of your vulnerability, even when you’re tired, even when you’re feeling doubt, even when you’re scared shitless.

We all get there sometimes.

And the truth is, being honest about all the ways we are and are not is the best thing ever.

To love ourselves, nakedly, unkempt, lonely, alive, happy, joyful…to love all the parts of ourselves.

I love you, in every way, all the parts.

And my guess is, you do too. Or you can, or you will. My guess is that there are more folks out there that love ALL of you than you can fathom.

I wanna invite you to cultivate that loving-all-the-parts-of-you community.

I wanna invite you to cultivate that loving-all-the-parts-of-you community. You can join our amazing free loving Facebook group right here right now. You can set up a call with me. You can write in your journal and be in awe of your own artistry. You can be the fucking amazing artist of your own life. IN EVERY WAY.

And I’ll be over here, admiring you, whether you’ve brushed your teeth today, or not.

In love,



  1. Sue Kearney
    October 19, 2016

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    Sofia, lovely to come across your latest blog. You take such a refreshing and powerful stand for all of us, and I appreciate it and definitely feel empowered by it.

    I’m beginning to overcome my resistance to showing my face, sharing my heart and my voice, with video. I gotta say Facebook Live has helped me so much. I really enjoy the “warts-and-all” ease and approach that FB Live has allowed me to play with. And you’re right. When I take that radical stance for myself I am most certainly empowering others as I go.

    I will share this article right now.

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