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Ready to ProsperLet’s talk about Money.

Because real talk, we all need it. We all want it. We may be averse to money because of capitalism.

But let me tell you a story.

About six months ago I had a huge aha about my relationship with money.

See, I’ve been skeptical of wealth my entire life. I’ve often associated money with corruption. Wealth with evil. Yes, I’m skeptical of capitalism. Yes, I think greed and a desire for profit have actually killed a lot of people on the planet. In fact, as we speak, people are dying because of greed.

But it wasn’t until 6 months ago, when my biz coach took me through a guided meditation about money, that I kind of started to realize that money in and of itself is not evil. That money, in fact, was my ally. That money actually wanted what I wanted: justice, love, equality, freedom, liberation, joy.

MONEY in fact was my ally in creating the world I want to create. Money is my reflection, it’s my mirror. It’s not THE answer, but it’s part of our liberation strategy.

So I started paying a LOT more attention to what I wanted to create and bringing my unconscious relationship to money to consciousness.

I started bringing ceremony to my relationship to money, wealth and prosperity.

I started to heal the trauma of scarcity that my family has endured for centuries {especially as people of color, immigrants, single parents, survivors of war, etc}.

So then that takes us to this present moment.

I’m the intersection of a ton of marginalized identities {I’m queer, my partner is trans, I’m a woman of color, I’m femme} — and I have a ton of privileges too {I’m educated, I’m a US citizen, I’m able-bodied, I’m thin, I’m cis, I’m married, etc}.

SO. All of that is true. And, like all of us, I have a relationship to money. It’s like having a relationship to the land itself, or gender. Yah, it’s more like gender because it’s something we aren’t exactly born with, but because of the world we live in, we must have SOME relationship to it {money & gender}.

So I’m curious. Is this something you’ve thought about?

What do you FEEL about money?
Have you even thought about it?

If you haven’t, I invite you to do so.

And let me know what you discover.

For example, do you always feel like you’re taken care of, like you always have enough money? Do you ever feel fear about money? Does money itself feel good to you? Do you associate it with something bad or evil? Have you ever kept a job you hated because you need the money? Have you ever struggled making money or asking for a raise?

So there’s so much juiciness here, and the more I heal my relationship with money, the more I’m able to help my clients do the same!

Let me know what you discover {and set up a phone call with me if you want to explore a little deeper and have breakthroughs in the area of money in your life}.

I believe that it’s critical that marginalized communities do conscious work around our relationship to money. I really, really don’t want this to “be something that white people do” {like yoga, or veganism, because it’s not just for white people!}

I believe that liberation is beyond money, but that it’s connected to money.

What do you think?

Lots of love,



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