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Grey Sofia & Sammy Wedding

This week I’m celebrating my one-year wedding anniversary.

I’m not someone who ever really imagined I’d get married. There’s part of me that’s too much of a free spirit, skeptical of the idea of being with one person FOREVER, and certainly queerly critical of the institution of marriage.

None of those qualities have gone away.
BUT! I did tie the knot with my amazing partner of six years last June.

The truth is, we didn’t know what the heck we were doing. We just knew we wanted to explore the Great Mystery of partnership and life together. We wanted to make magic together. We wanted to grow together. We wanted to climb mountains together.

And we still do.
And we surprise ourselves, all the time, because after all the time we’ve known one another {eleven years!}, we are still so freakin in love with each other.

{And trust me, we’re big flirts, so neither of us thought we’d ever “settle down” really}.

But it’s been so yummy to do so. It’s been so delicious to feel so safe and held by my love. To have Sammy as part of my family has been one of the biggest blessings of my life.

And I’m so grateful.
ALSO! It’s a LOT of work. I will never lie about that or pretend that partnership is easy, because it isn’t! Partnership is walking through the shadow with someone. It’s seeing all of your fears {and joys} reflected back at you through the mirror of that other person or people.

Our spiritual teacher, Elissa, married us and reminded us in the months leading up to our sacred mountain ceremony that marriage is the base camp from which we climb. Saying yes to marriage is like taking flight, not knowing if you will have enough fuel to get there, but going anyway.

It’s everything. It’s risk. It’s shadow. It’s joy. It’s healing.

And I honor it. I honor all the ways we build family and relationships in every configuration there is.

I also celebrate my own queer love for the light that it is. I celebrate your queer love, too, in whatever form it takes. <3

Sending you hugs,

Sofia <3

PS My sweetie and I will be traveling in Asia for the next few weeks. You can follow along with our journey by checking out our queer travel blog, or by following me on Instagram. We love you. <3


  1. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)
    June 29, 2016

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    What a beautiful post and declaration of love. Thanks for sharing it.

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