Posted by on May 27, 2016

Bath TubYou already know that your healing is political.
You already know that every way you can find to love yourself deeper, and to pause, and to breathe, and to dream — is political.

The way we love is political. The way we choose our words is political. We are political beings, embodied, brilliant.

And, sometimes, we are fatigued to our very bones.

You know that kind of tired?
The kind where maybe you also have a headache for three days? Maybe you can’t get enough water no matter how much you drink. Or, you’re just tapped out from holding space for so many beautiful humans you love.

I know this kind of tired.
I had a flashback to the kind of tired I used to be when I was working in the non-profit sector. How I was happy, and I was healthy, and I had enough money, but I was bone tired.

I’m a giver — and I know most everyone in my email list is as well <3 So, how do we draw boundaries around how much we give? How can you make sure you are giving AS MUCH to yourself as you are to others?

At the end of a big-giving day, I give myself a bath.


Water absorbs whatever we’re holding. Water moves the day out of our bodies. Bathing is ritualistic, not just utilitarian. It’s a place of rest and regeneration.

Sprinkle sea salt in your bath this week, and aid that cleansing process. If you shower, rub the sea salt over your skin, and then rinse. {This is also a great cleansing practice for empaths, who carry the emotions and energy of others so easily}.

Cleanse away the day. Light a candle. Burn some sage. Listen to your favorite song.

Let it be a ceremony.

Sending you all so much love for your week.



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