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Do you every feel disconnected from your absolute magnificence?

When you do, you may feel full of gloom. Or overwhelmed by the details of life. Perhaps small or insignificant.

I can guarantee you that you are not the only one who suffers from this feeling of not enough-ness, a tendency to hide away, or to silence yourself.

I love the above photo of my boo and me during sunrise at the Grand Canyon. I hadn’t seen it in a while. But it reminds me of everything. Of everything delicious. Of everything expansive. Of the miracle of existence itself — of everything that is Epic and Incomprehensible. And, I really like to be in touch with all of that. Cuz it reminds me that I am a part of it…I am a part of that miracle…

I wanna ask us: how do we get in our own ways?
How do we make ourselves small or insignificant? How do we make ourselves believe that we are somehow not as miraculous as the Grand Canyon?
How do we block our flow, our magic, and love itself in our lives?
How do we shy away from our brilliance?

I really want us to get present to that.
{and I know there are reasons for it…but I want us to just get present to the ways unworthiness shows up for us}.

I’ve been noticing the ways I shy away from my own brilliance. I don’t always share my successes. I don’t always share the love in my heart. I can hide away my poems, my biz, my projects and my breakthroughs. I can keep my creative brilliance to myself for a loonnnggggg time.

I have a certain Taurean protectiveness around my babies. I keep them close, in my belly. I wanna let them gestate for as long as is humanly possible……maybe longer than necessary.

My mama told my very pregnant sister a funny story about us as babies last week. My sis asked how long babies chill in cribs. My mom answered, “well, it depends on the baby. Like you {my sister} wanted to walk as soon as you came out of my belly. Sofia, on the other hand, never cried and just waited til someone got her out of the crib. She stayed in there til she was 3 or 4. Your brother was super strategic, learned how to get out of the crib, and would get his own diaper to bring to me to change him.”

Okay, so maybe I should be embarrassed? But I’m not. That’s me. I’m that baby that can chill in the crib for a long ass time.

This story reminded me about the ways parts of who we are in the world are so innate. The deep core of us is almost unshakeable, unbreakable, amazing.
I wanna get curious about the kind of genius that arises from our unique ways of being…

So what is your core?
What is your inner genius?

As I’ve begun creating my biz, I’ve been getting more intimate with my own inner genius. What comes with my genius is some of my temperament as well: a fear about being seen, a shyness, not always wanting to let myself be visible; certainly not wanting to claim my brilliance in public…

But I’m realizing how much of a disservice this is not only to myself, but to the world.

I’m learning that when I hide away, I rob the world of my magic.

I want to ask you: in what areas of your own life do you hide? What silences do you hold? Where do you experience doubt? What stops you from expanding as wide and magnificent as the Grand Canyon?

What would it feel like to spread your arms out wide and say a FULL AND BIG BELLIED YES to YOU. All of you. Every cell. Every breath. Every whisper. Every thought and idea.

I had a major breakthrough last week in realizing my own value as a healer in the world.

My longer-term clients are beginning to have big transformation in their lives {healing physical pain, building businesses they love, opening to forgiveness}, and it’s been so beautiful to witness.

I’m beginning to realize that by not offering myself to the world, I’m doing a huge disservice to my people and my communities.

Going forward I’m committing to being as transparent and VISIBLE and OPEN as possible. Even as I write that, I get scared! And that’s great, because what scares me is my edge. And I wanna move beyond it {even if my baby self may really want to chill in that crib}.

Here’s to being SEEN. Here’s to letting our gifts rise up from our core. Here’s to offering our medicine in the world — whatever that is for you.

And this week, let yourself be seen.

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  1. Reba Linker
    May 19, 2016

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    Love this post, Sofia. I wrote the companion piece this week. We are saying the opposite, and yet the same thing! Love, Reba

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