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from Agape Int’l Spiritual Center

Hello Loves:

For the last 10 days, I’ve read this Oath of Manifestation prayer aloud.

When I first read it out loud, I cried.
I cried again the second time.
And I’ve teared up a little almost every time I’ve let this prayer flow through me at dawn. {yes, dawn…I’ll be Diving into Abundance and meditating at dawn for 21 days}.

What made me cry? Something about receiving “unexpected good, unexpected money, unexpected love…from unexpected places” and “that I live in a friendly Universe.” {And in fact from the very first day of saying this aloud, TONS of unexpected magic started showing up for me — so I HIGHLY recommend trying out this {daily} prayer if you want money, love and abundance showing up for you too}.

Real talk: I have had a lotta issues around money & trusting that I live in a friendly Universe. I’ve typically a little bit hated all of my jobs. I have struggled with people who don’t share my politics and values. AND – I have had to “put up” with it anyway {in the past} because the money needed to be flowing in. I have often experienced the world as a place that is unfriendly {and even violent}. And I’m truly beginning to understand how much these internalized thoughts that the world is an unsafe and unfriendly place have impacted my daily life — and yes, even my relationship with money, love, and abundance.

And I don’t want to downplay the violence that happens in the world. THAT SH** IS REAL, and I’m aware of that and I honor that.

AND. I am feeling into the ways I have permission to feel the Universe’s deep and endless love and support of me {and all of us} in spite of the harsh realities that may exist alongside that love.

Like, the Earth has our back. The natural world has our back. The Divine force that animates all that is HAS OUR BACK.

They love us. All of us. They love our queerness, our ancestry, our weird quirks, our desires, our hopes, our dreams, our genders, our EVERYTHING.

It is the work of but a few {or well, a few million} that has created the violences that plague humanity at this moment.

But it is not the world. It is not the Universe. It is not the love that you might feel in sunshine, or in birdsong, or in the touch of a loved one’s hand. It’s not the sweetness of a friend. It’s not the unexpected generosity from unexpected places.

And maybe that is why so many of us are so invested in the Moon & the Stars {astrology, cosmology, tarot, divinity} — because these things at their core do not have a charge of violence. Rather, they shine with love and abundance, with a kind of friendliness that connects us to the fact that the Universe has us, has our backs.

I am on a journey. It is non-linear. It will probably never end. It goes something like this: omg life is amazing. omg I have so many gifts and there are miracles around me. FUCK that hurt. FUCK why is the world like this? FUCK, capitalism strikes again. FUCK!!!! And, oh look at the moon! Oh my god I love you. Wow, I am so held. *tears* *laughter* *giggles* etc

If you can relate, let me know in the comments. <3


Healing Is Not Linear

from Xicanisima

So a few days ago I threw my big sis a baby shower. It was beautiful. And afterwards I collapsed in exhaustion. I literally sat down on a rock in my parents front yard and sobbed. And then, I let people help me. I let my dad & brother {who I feel blessed to have in my life} fill the air in my tires. I let them give me money for my birthday. I let my mom hug me and tell me I did a really good job. I let my beloved remind me that we are going to be okay. I let them all support me in this way.

And, afterwards, I realized that is the biggest love ever: knowing that someone has my back. Knowing that I can ask for help. Knowing that I am supported. From my family, from community, and from the Universe.

I said to my dad: it feels good to let people help me.

And he said back, with a big smile: it feels good to help.

Here’s something for you to try on this week, once:
You: “Hey, can you help me?”
Other Person or Universe: “Sure, what do you need?”
You: “I don’t know I just need help.”
Other Person or Universe: “Yes, I am here for you. I got you. I have your back.”
You: melting a little, maybe you need a good cry.

Let yourself be held this week, my loves.
And enjoy that full moon {in my sun sign, Taurus!} this Friday.

Sending BIG love & magic to all of you <3





  1. sheila callaham
    April 21, 2016

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    Love this post!!! Thanks so much for sharing the oath of manifestation — very powerful! <3

  2. Joni
    April 21, 2016

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    Thank you Sofia Rose for the beautiful reminder.
    I am saying YES to letting myself be held, surprised and delighted by unexpected gifts from the Universe. xo

    • Sofia Rose Smith
      April 21, 2016

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      Joni, YES!!! I love that you are saying YES to being held, surpised and delighted by unexpected gifts from the Universe! Sending you love!! <3

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