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Finding MagicApril is my birth month and therefore a sweet reminder of my own magic.  I mean really, how wild is it that we live in a world where new humans are created through the human body, becoming portals for new souls to circle on down from some cosmic playground. As souls, we choose to come into being, and make a home in what will become our body.

This sounds a little heady even as I’m writing it, but really, I’m just amazed by the magic around us all the time. Like the fact that we are born. And the fact that fire exists. And the earth itself. Water. The moon, the stars, the galaxies. Love. All of it blows my mind.

The likelihood that we are born at all is quite slim. Yet here we are, humans, at this moment in time.

So I ask myself often: Why Am I Here?

Why did my soul choose to be here? What are my gifts? What am I meant to do while I’m on the planet?

I imagine you ask yourself similar question from time to time.

What are your answers?

My birthday is in a few weeks, and the desert is calling me to her again. I will answer by spending my 32nd born-day in Death Valley. A little ironic to be celebrating my birth in the valley of death, but death & birth are two sides of the same coin. We are dying and being birthed all the time, in big and small ways. As you read this, there are cells of you that are dying even as new cells are being created. Energetically, you may be releasing all the time, and making space for new life.

This week {Thursday, April 7, 2016} we have another Super New Moon, this time in the fire sign of Aries.

I invite you to ask yourself what NEW FIRE you want to begin. Do you have the kindling and wood and resources to build that fire {I’m gonna say YES you do, you have everything you need near you at all times}. Also, there is a way you can call in even more support for yourself. How can you breathe more deeply into the fire in your belly? Your dreams, your visions? How can you release even more of that which doesn’t uplift you? How can you be loving and kind and curious with your fear, doubt and comparison monsters? How can you be compassionate and loving towards them like you’d be with a small child (your own small child self). How can you grow your fears up so that you can powerfully ask them to leave like the adults they are?

All these are transformative inquiries for this moment.

What are you calling in?

What are you blocks?

How can you breathe into those blocks so that your body opens up to your dreams, creative yearnings and desires?

I have some ideas, of course. What are yours??

So I’ve birthed something recently: my Finding Magic Membership Circles. My dream for this is that through writing, ritual, meditation and community we support one another being with our fears, doubts, and insecurities and we ask them to please take a seat or leave altogether. Together, we write. Together, we ritual and DREAM UP our futures, filled with love and possibility and magic.

I know for myself that having community and having a loving guide to support me in my writing and dream-weaving has been so essential. I literally could not do all that I do without a wide team of folks to support me on my journey.

And now, I’m calling in a sweet and powerful space for us to do this with one another. Online, in FB, through email and the sacred practices of writing, meditation and ritual.

If you have an inkling that this is for you, I invite you to say yes to yourself.

Yes is a magical word. When you FEEL a yes in your body, listen to it and follow it’s lead. If you feel a YES, and then feel like something is blocking that YES, be curious about the block. What is it? Ask it questions. Write to it. Breathe through it. See if you wanna say yes to the block or if you’d like to release it.

Our no’s are ALSO magic. When you feel a no in your body, also honor that as something sacred.
Our yes’s and our no’s are powerful guides that lead us to our dreams, our joy, our freedom and our magic.

Which one are you today?

To read more about Finding Magic and to register, come on over here.

I honor you, whatever you choose. And I also wanna ask for your help in sharing Finding Magic!

You can simply share this blog post in your social media channels along with your own love and magic. <3


Lots of love,


Sofia Rose <3






  1. Laurie Seymour
    April 6, 2016

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    It is also my birthday month, Sophia, and I feel blessed by such a feeling of imminent, fire-born newness. Transformative inquiry is also my way of working with my life. I deeply appreciate your post!

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