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IMG_0980Dear Ones:

There are times when I think my art doesn’t matter. That my writing isn’t important. That I’m no longer a dancer. That because I wasn’t trained in painting, I can’t do it.

Oh, the mind. And the world. And the ways we internalize our not enough-ness.

For most of us, the struggle to find our voices is ongoing, perhaps even daily. I know this because I’ve felt this as well.

The trick is coming to the page anyway. Dancing anyway. Painting anyway. Letting the feel and the rush of the creative action fill you. You will know just how right you are as you let your pen move, finally. Or when you get messy with paint. Or feel that oh so satisfying muscle ache from having danced the night away…

Yes, the trick is doing it.

How can you let your Artist out this week?

Yesterday, I picked my bougainvillea and sketched.
Today, I’m sharing a poem with you and painting with my dear friend.

Let your intuition guide you on this. Even if it sounds crazy – let it be, and follow it. You’ll be surprised by the sweetness you may find. <3


Joshua Tree, Sunrise
a poem

to wake with & for the sun
is the first prayer
of & for the day

a rise to & with first light of morning
greets the miracle
of our being-ness
on the planet

to see the golden ball
sparkling over desert or dirt,
ocean or mountain,
is the blessing kiss of spirit
upon our foreheads,
the body, souls of us. a hello.
a “hello, i am still here for you, creating the day; creating this morning, the sun, the land, the breath of wind, sky & all of it, for you & with you.”

slow down,
before the day becomes the
petty busyness of emails & digital life,
before the gossip & the complaints
roll out the sludge of you.
remember the morning.
the day created from nothing, just for you.

-Sofia Rose Smith
Jan 31, 2016


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