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IMG_1342Hello Dear Ones!

First, Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in a bit of a cave the last two weeks! Sometimes, the world throws lemons at us and we have a choice what to do with them! Throw them back? Stare at them on the floor? Curl up in a ball in bed while watching Netflix and eating hot Cheetos? I’ve been a little bit in all of that the last 10 days or so. The Universe threw some fireballs my way like the trickster she can sometimes be. 🙂 I know it’s all for my growth & expansion, but holy cow it can feel super hard sometimes!

I’ve had to lean into my coping strategies, which for me means going inward, asking Spirit for guidance, opening up to my intuition, laying down in bed, and Netflix marathons. I have a little bit of fight, flight and freeze in me, all rolled into one. But I feel safest and most contained when I can get far away from whatever is triggering me. 🙂

What I’ve noticed, however, is that I’ve also fallen away from my self-care rituals: those things that light me up the most and give my life structure. My rituals are the guideposts to my river of creative flow: they give me home, they help me understand WHAT I’m feeling, and they show me a way back to myself. They’re my map back to inspiration, aliveness, and my purpose.

I have a LOT of love for my coping strategies. I like to honor whatever it is I do that allows me to deal with external forces that are out of my control. Our coping strategies are intelligent. They are what get us through. They are how we have survived, and that is brilliant.

And, my coping strategies are distinct from my self-care rituals. Self-care rituals (for me) are my tools that support me in thriving while my coping strategies are tools to help me survive. BOTH are equally important, interdependent and connected, though they may serve different purposes.

Yesterday, I realized that I was ready to transition back into my self-care rituals after relying on my coping strategies the last couple of weeks. Our coping strategies and our self-care rituals intersect and overlap, and it’s great to build an awareness about what we’re relying on at any given moment. I’ll write more about this soon <3

Until then, watch my short video about falling off your self-care and hopping back on again <3

Sending y’all tons of love as we travel through the last few weeks of winter. <3

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