Posted by on February 11, 2016

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Hello Beloveds! Well this is me being my courageous self and recording my first ever video blog or VLOG as we like to call it in social media land.

I hope you enjoy and that it gets you thinking about the work of love in your own life.

I didn’t know what I was going to talk about when I pressed the RECORD button — but what came through felt relevant for this week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

How do you commit to doing the work of love when it can be so hard?



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  1. Minette
    March 9, 2016

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    Beautiful riff on love Sofia!

  2. Sofia Rose Smith
    March 9, 2016

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    Thanks, Minette! <3

  3. Kelley Grimes
    March 10, 2016

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    Beautiful Sofia! I love the honesty about the hard work of love and our need to be transparent, open and supportive with ourselves and those we love. Showing up authentically is the best way I know to be love while keeping my heart open and my compassion flowing. Thank you!

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