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Big BearWhen I’m feeling overwhelmed, I go to the mountains. Sometimes I travel physically up to the Santa Monica mountains nearby. Sometimes I head up to Mt. Baldy, the majestic snow-capped earth that surrounds my hometown. Other times, I simply breathe in an image of the mountains in my mind’s eye.

Whenever I can, I sleep outside. Whenever I have a chance, I go on a hike.

The natural world is my most powerful medicine. And the truth is, that’s actually the case for all humans. We need mama earth. We need father sky. We need the sun on our face, and the wind through our hair, the beetles and critters of the soil, and the sound of a howling wolf.

We are wild.

Yet the world demands the erratic busy-ness of us. We are riddled with expectation; the hamster wheel of to-do’s and hopes and resolutions. Our minds become a minefield of thoughts about how to be and do and live better.

It’s exhausting.

But when we head out to the quiet stillness of mama earth, all of that mess evaporates. We can breathe more deeply. The muscle of our hearts beat with the rhythm of the land. Studies show that three days out in nature resets our systems entirely.

Imagine that.

As we complete the second week of 2016, I know you may be feeling the pressure of to-do’s. I know I am. And so I ask you: how can you slow down? How can you find your center again?

What are some rituals you have in place to bring you closer to mama earth? Can you go on a hike this January? Can you sleep outside? Can you find your breath in meditation or your yoga practice?

Whatever you find, I’m holding the prayer in my heart for you and for all of us. That we are brilliant just as we are. That we are already perfect. That we don’t need to DO or BECOME or get better at anything. We are divine.

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