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A photo of a fire pit. A hand over the fire holds a white shell. Script on top of the image is "Open to the Fire of You / Everything There is Sacred -Sofia Rose Smith

I’ve been feeling the inwardness of coming winter. Some days it feels like inertia. Like it’s that much harder to get to the gym or do yoga. That much easier to stay indoors as the light of the day becomes smaller. That much more pleasing to light my candles and write.

Even as this is a time to go inward, it can also feel like a pressurized time to try and connect (or notice the disconnect) with our families and communities. Maybe we are feeling stressed about money, or even sad. Perhaps among all the sweetness, the holidays bring you some extra anxiety or Yule time reminders of family you’ve lost, or never had.

So I wanted to put out a call to share strategies for creating space for ourselves; to call in peace, calm and joy in the winter & holiday season.


Please share your own strategies with me in the comments below!

Here are a few of my strategies:

  1. Connecting with my Spirit through ceremony. This can look like lighting a candle, burning some sage and writing. Talking to my Guides and Ancestors.
  2. Being with my Tarot cards. I use the Goddess deck because I love it’s gentle lightness. My pulls always reveal deep insight to affirm my path and help me re-connect to my desires, my goals, my dreams. (I also offer tarot sessions for individuals & couples).
  3. Writing! This is great medicine for me in so many ways. Writing is a ritual that has leverage for me — meaning, it has a huge positive impact for my day. This is why I also create online spaces for community writing, like Spirit Poems coming up in January!
  4. Asking for support from Spiritual Teachers, Coaches & Counselors. I love calling on an interdependent network of healers that are pulling for my big life! I can’t do it all on my own. I need in depth one-on-one attention, accountability, witnessing, and someone who’s there to remind me what I’m up to and help me achieve my goals. You can set up a free intuitive strategy session with me, if you’d like!
  5. Low-pressure community hang-outs (to complement some of the high-pressure gatherings of the season). Low-pressure is whatever that is to you. For me, it’s sitting around the fire, watching a movie, or enjoying a simple meal.
  6. Calling up friends on the phone, or texting.
  7. Finding nature: a mountain hike, a beach sit, camping, my garden, the sun. Being in the natural world always replenishes me.
  8. Movement! Walking! Exercise! This is so hard for me in Winter. But I try my hardest to let my body metabolize any stiffness or stored energy.
  9. Warm foods, soups, tea, vegetables. I’ve recently been checking out some Ayurvedic principles for nourishment in Winter. I also love Mexican food, tacos in particular, which are a comfort food of mine. <3
  10. Doodling, Coloring, Low-Pressure Meditative Creativity! <3 Bring out your crayons & color.

What are some of your strategies? Share with me in the comments below! <3




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