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CoffeeI love to sleep. It’s part of my self-care practice: getting enough rest. I adore falling into the mystery of dreamtime; the relaxation and healing place my body goes to repair herself. I love waking up rested, to a new day. And yet, sometimes I let sleep woo me beyond the morning. I let my pillow seduce me. My blankets be the love nest I don’t want to leave.

When I worked in the non-profit sector, I’d sleep until 8 or 8:30, then 9, then 9:30…and then I’d wake with a start of SHIT! and zoom through the morning to get to work  by 10:15. Lucky me. So many loves I know rise early at 5 or 6 to get to work by 7 or 8.

What is your morning like? How do you start the day?

Do you pop up and rush to get ready for work? Open your email or social media outlets first? Rush to connect with the world?

What I find is that the social media clicks want to emerge from my fingers in the first thirty minutes of morning. Within me, there’s a rush, and a deeper hope, to connect. There’s a beautiful desire to feel a part of something bigger than me.

And yet, what I find, is that popping into my social channels before anything else often just feeds my addiction first — my quick fix, that “gotta see what’s going on” low hum of me.

Real talk, I heard the deep inner wisdom voice in me one day in an evening meditation. It said, Rise Early, in the sixes. That is when your writing will happen. That is when we will speak through you.

My guides and my muse were like yo, you really gotta wake the fuck up early morning. That’s when we’re gonna move through you.
So, I had to listen.
I had to make an effort.

What I noticed is that the morning time is THE TIME! It’s easily the quietest, most beautiful part of my day. I feel lucky when I’m awake in the mornings and have a little me time. Like, I’m in on a secret. A secret world of pleasure that I don’t normally access (not in my 31 years of life at least). But I’m aiming to keep my commitment to this morning time. To find my breath here at least 5 days a week. To see what magic we can make together.

My question for you:
How can you make just a little extra space for breath at the start of your day?

Now that I work for myself, from home and coffee shops and even the beach, there’s an inner pull within me that wants me to rise early. Before the hustle & bustle of the world begins. Because, I feel up to something. It calls me. I make coffee as my first ritual. Then, I meditate for 11 minutes. Then, I write 3 pages of long-hand stream-of-consciousness. This writing, called a Morning Write, is a practice I learned from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The first write of the day is a brain drain. It makes space in my head. It’s the ritual of scraping off the top layer of sludge and the to-do’s, the rants and worries and complaints, pull them out of my head so that I can make room for the important stuff.
Then, Creativity can move through.
I can find myself again.

Can you rise thirty minutes early?
Can you sit for 11 minutes and let your brain drain onto the page?

This daily morning ritual works for me. It has leverage. It gives me what I need at the start of the day: my breath, a sense of accomplishment, brain drain, peace and calm through meditation. More than anything, it’s a slow down that makes time feel more abundant.

I’d love to support you in finding that morning practice. Write with me in December, for starters. I’m offering 30 days of writing prompts and ritual to your email for just $33 dollars. 33 is a sacred number. It asks us to call in our desire, to femifest, to answer the wild call within, to expand. Let’s do it together to close out 2015.
I invite you to make some space in your mornings. Share it with a friend! Call in accountability partners. Call in your own guides. See what they have to say, and listen.

Register here and begin your morning rituals for the final 31 days of 2015. <3

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