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You know how you have those weeks when you feel your sadness and grief come through?IMG_0001
Even when you’re doing everything “right,” even when you’re resting enough and eating well and moving your body. But you get a cold. Or you feel randomly funked out.

Those who love me know I get in funks from time to time. 🙂

Last week was one of those weeks for me.

A week of feeling vulnerable and insecure. Letting self-doubt creep in. Feeling like I have to do it all.

And then, I texted my friend Alli who’s traveling in Thailand, my committed buddy in all things related to life, love, growth, and letting our magic and gifts come through.

Can we set up a time to check-in this week, I inquired, feeling the desperation of I miss you and need to talk to you so strong in my bones.
She replied instantly. How about tomorrow evening? From Thailand.

Thank god for friends who love us so much that they reply instantly, even from across the globe. <3
So we FaceTimed. Me with snotty-nosed scatter-brained longings. Her with first week in Bangkok big-city agitation. Both of us with great love and commitment to getting off our fears & worries, and onto feeling our self-worth.

She led me in a meditation and breath work for a few minutes and helped me sink into something like the Truth of the moment. When I opened my eyes, I became the possibility of being myself again.

We talked about my upcoming event, Finding Ritual, and I expressed how I want to have a letting go ceremony — a fire ceremony — as we call in the energy of the full moon, the last moon cycle of 2015.

She listened and reminded me why she’s in Thailand: to attend Loi Krathong – a letting go, letting in ceremony, the “festival of lights,” — an incredibly important ceremony that happens in correlation with the last full moon of the year. It’s a community experience that’s all about letting go of that which no longer serves and letting in new beginnings.

I couldn’t believe that thousands of miles away, not knowing anything about Loy Krathong, I was leaning into these similar feelings about wanting to let go, wanting to have water ceremony, envisioning flowers and candles — so much connected to the Festival of Lights. But, I’m also not surprised. The universe is mysterious like this — connects us to one another, across the globe, in ways that often go unnoticed.

All of our ancestors had traditions. As a daughter of the diaspora, I know close to nothing about how my ancestors grieved or let go; how my people called in the new year and honored cycles of change. But I know that my mind & body & spirit sense into what feels good to me: the kinds of ceremonies I need to create for myself & my kinfolk.

Finding Ritual is my humble offering for folks in Los Angeles. A day full of flowers, water, fire, moon, ritual, writing and love. I’d love to have you and/or your loved ones join me for this heart offering to end 2015. To say goodbye, grieve and invite what’s next in our lives. To ritualize the every day.
If you feel called, join us <3

Or you may lovingly share my offering on social media! You can write a personal note and include this link and this photo! <3


transformation tarot

Ukemochi is a Japanese Goddess that represents life being transformed from death. This Tarot cards asks us: what needs to die in order to make room for the new? What do you need to let go of? *from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr.


You’ll all be with me in spirit on November 22.

In fact — I’d love to know what you’re letting go of in 2015…..write me to let me know what you’re releasing, saying goodbye to, setting free.
For those of you that are far away from LA, write with me some more in December to ceremoniously let go of 2015, build your daily creative practice, and bring in 2016 with power & magic. We’ll be Opening the Channel in a 30-Day Writing Challenge that you’ll hear more about on the new moon, 11/11! <3

Calling all of you into my heart, with lots of love & tenderness,

Sofia Rose <3

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