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In the past few months, my life has transformed.

Like actually — it looks and feels totally different than it did six months ago.

So here’s the story: I left my former career in the non-profit sector (where I spent my entire twenties) in February. You can read more about that here.

In the first six months away from my career, I let myself have a savasana – the yoga pose also known as corpse pose. The “do-nothing” pose where you rest and let your body/mind/spirit integrate the lessons of that yoga session. I let myself heal. I let myself create new rituals. I let my partner support me, emotionally and financially; let myself be okay with my own modest earnings and savings.

I was integrating a LOT of lessons from 2014-2015. It was a big, life-shaking, what-are-you-made-of kind of year for me.

I’m proud of myself for my courage and grateful for the luxury of not having to jump into another job immediately after leaving my former career. I was able to let myself be in Mystery. To let my intuition guide me toward my higher purpose. I feel so grateful for having that available to me: that I was able to do nothing for a minute.

Which isn’t to say I did NOTHING nothing. I planned a wedding. I moved my body and got back to writing. I walked a 250-mile journey. Yep. I did that.

For our honeymoon, my spouse and I chose to walk 250 miles of the epic 500-mile spiritual pilgrimage: El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.

Something happened on that walk for me.

In the step-by-step of every mile. In the ten miles through the rain one day. In the things I forgot. In the few possessions I carried. In the sleeping in giant rooms with other pilgrims. In the daily Achilles pain. In the cafes con leche each morning. In the rocks I’d collect in my pockets. In the thin veil between our world and the Spirit world. In the ways I could hear Spirit super clearly. In the ways I got to really notice the beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants because I was moving so slowly.

Every step was a Ceremony. Every day was a Ritual. And it changed me.

I was changed. I have not come back the same.

Sure, I’m the same.

But something about me is totally new & different.

There’s a lot I could say about this, but I’ll keep it simple.

Simply: I knew, without question, my worth and my power.

I knew myself, newly, as a writer.

When other pilgrims asked me “what I did” for a living in the states, I would tell them I’m a writer (or more honestly, that I had no idea).

At the end of our walking journey, first in Santiago, and then at the edge of the earth in Finistere, I wrote my profession onto the ancient pilgrim’s scroll that collects the names of all those who walk El Camino: Escritora. Writer.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

And like that, I came home a writer.

When we returned, I felt like I had one thing that was guiding me: myself as powerful healer; as a writer, an escritora.

A week after arriving, I was lucky enough to lead a writing workshop at the Sweet Water Women’s Retreat in Yosemite.

But what I noticed while I was creating and leading this space was that writing is a tool for me. Writing is a kind of magic I use to help myself and others unfold and fully expand into the spirit of their life. To help folks name their medicine. To help folks really tell me what they’re made of! What they want to create! How they are living into Abundance!

Writing is about healing, and healing is about health. And HEALTH is about joy & flow & abundance & love!

From there, Spirit Poems, my first online writing workshop, was born. It’s not a space where I am “teaching” people how to write. Rather, I’m inviting the inner artistry of everyone to come out.

I also began offering one-on-one creative coaching sessions with friends and loved ones. My intuitive and psychic gifts were being called upon in big ways – to help the soulful humans in my life open up to their greatest physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Thus, my Health Coaching & Intuitive Guidance practice came into being.

As I’ve been working with women and femme folks over the last couple of months to help them open up to health and creative flow, I’ve noticed something: everyone is looking for ways to create daily rituals. Daily. Ritual. People need help doing it! And I love helping us discover and identify new rituals and habits for happiness and health.

And so I’ve birthed Finding Ritual: a one-day retreat to unlock creativity and power.

Ritual is a way of bringing a ‘method to the madness’ of our lives.

To end and begin again.

To honor your successes and grow from them.

To take a walk daily and notice the miracles.

To bear witness to the sunrise and the sunset.

To let poems drip out your mouth and meet strangers with reverence.

To be a spiritual pilgrim in the walk of your life: every. single. day.

Ritual transforms our life. I invite you to join us for Finding Ritual.

Dive into the practice of creating new writing & rituals that serve your life.

Walk with us. Gather with us. Write with us.

What are you made of? Let’s find out. <3

Register Now for Finding Ritual.





I’m also available for one-on-one coaching to help you identify the place of ritual in your life and to support you in breaking through that which needs to be broken through. To witness you and help you identify solutions, set goals, and make change in your life. You can learn more about that here and set up a free consultation here.




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