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Fall LeavesYesterday, my spouse and I came home to the awful smell of death.

You know, that rotting, sour, pungent fragrance that you catch as you walk by something, quickly?

My nose didn’t detect the death, but Sammy’s did.

As I was preparing to enter the ceremonial space of my writing workshop, Spirit Poems, setting up the altar, lighting the candles, I heard the low groans of Sammy (my spouse) uncovering the corpse of a dead thing.

Oh dear. In fact, there were maggots. In fact, there was a rat, dead, hidden.


Our cat Otis has a very new habit of bringing us these “presents.” But this wasn’t so much a present propped before us as the message of a dying-ness hidden away. Almost a secret that we uncovered together.

If you’re like me, maybe your stomach is nauseated as you read this. Maybe your face is scrunched up in disgust.

Maybe you can smell that sour smell right along with me.

If so, I’m sorry 🙂 but also, I think it’s good.

I think it’s good to be present with the smelly, ugly thing of death and dying every now & again.

Not necessarily the dying of a loved one, the passing, which can be so much more than what I’m talking about here (and is a process that I honor as one of the deepest spiritual pilgrimages we can go through).

But, being with the small cycles of death & dying around us helps us get present to the ways we must, as Rumi says,

“Be like a tree and let

                   the dead leaves drop.”


In Spirit Poems, we meditated in the darkness. In the kind of snake-like shedding of skins that was coming up for everyone in this time.

October. A time when we are entering the darkness. When we get a little colder, when light becomes less. A time of All Hallow’s Eve, and the Day of the Dead. A time when many cultures throughout history experienced as a season when the veil between this world and the Beyond is the thinnest.

So, is death and dying coming up for you? How about transition and change? How about a nagging feeling that you need to let something go? How about fear?

If so, thank you. Your intuition is on point!

You are deeply connected to the cycle of now. The cycle of seasons The cycle of life and death.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t fun to wake up screaming last night. Yep, I did that. I’d been down about 35 minutes, deep in sleep, when I woke myself and Sammy up literally screaming from fear of something in the room. As my heart slowed a little and Sammy calmed me down, I switched on the light. Lo & behold, our cat was chasing a mouse to kill. Two mice in one day.

Yes, really.

Sometimes, the Universe is so not subtle. Sometimes she whacks you over the head with these messages.

So if I didn’t want to pay attention to the cycle of death, I had another opportunity to. 🙂

What amazes me about Sammy is that almost instantly, *they’re grateful for our cat Otis and her huntress ways.

I feel annoyed, agitated, frustrated. I wonder WHY our cat is doing this thing, this hunting to the death thing that I find so grotesque. I mean, so what if this is innate in her, if she’s in fact BUILT to hunt and has been doing so for centuries. I want her nice and pretty and house-broken (house broken!?) and domestic. Cuddly and soft and clean. No death involved, please and thank you.

Sammy, on the other hand, had the insight that honored an innate quality of our feline companion. “I feel grateful,” Sammy told me in the midnight hours of death, “that she’s doing what she’s meant to do. She’s a hunter. She’s protecting us.”

Don’t you hate it when cool logic gets in the way of your heated emotions?

In any case, I wanted to write about this today.

To share a strong and smelly message that’s come through in the Fall season.

If you’re in it – the chaos, the overwhelm, the death, the change, the smelly – know that you are not alone.

And, if you want support in harnessing some of that energy, I am here for you.

We can take a look at the death together, and see what’s ready to live.

I am gifting free one-hour intuitive guidance and coaching consultations.

‘Tis the season to go within and see what’s going on.

To light a candle in the darkness.

To make change, support ourselves, talk with our ancestors and drink some tea.

You know that brilliant orange and yellow of autumn leaves? It’s the dying, the death of the leaf.

Let us be that radiant cycle of change.

In love & light & darkness too,


*we use the non-gender-binary pronoun they/them for Sammy




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