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orange flower

1. JOURNEY: to the bookstore, to the mountains, to a new part of town. Adventure into places unknown to you (near & far). Delve into the mystery of your own heart, soul, body and mind. Be committed to the great journey of your life.

2. TRUST SPIRIT – know that you are on your path, and that Spirit is with you always.

3. SAVOR. Savor your morning coffee, your honey Greek yogurt, your walk down the street block. Savor every detail (& when you aren’t, remind yourself to do so!)

4. SURRENDER to the moment and give up control. Give up the feeling that there is anything “wrong” with your life, even in the most difficult moment, even in true suffering. Lean into the perfection of your path which will include hardship as well as joy.

5. BE VULNERABLE, with yourself and with others. Lean into your wounds, your growing edges, your fears, your hopes. From this place, strengthen your friendships and create kinship networks. Weave community through your own vulnerability and authenticity.

6. RELEASE. Let go of that which no longer serves you.

7. SAY YES. to you, to opportunity, to magic. Be the Possibility of YES and see how the world shows up for you.

8. SAY NO THANK YOU to ALL that you want to say no thank you to. know that it means you’re saying YES to you.

9. COMMIT YOURSELF to the discovery of that which brings you joy and meaning. What IS IT? Be curious. Take your time finding it.

10. TAKE ACTION – Pour your energy into that which makes you happy, that which matters most to you. Cultivate your dreams and grow your gifts. Do this one day at a time. Set goals for your week, your month, your year and then GO FOR THEM.

11. RELEASE all the energy which sucks your own energy dry. Anything at all that makes you feel smaller than you are. Release this like water rolling offer your back into a water balloon that drops to the floor.

12. BE AUTHENTIC. Be YOU. BE YOUR BRILLIANCE. It is from this space that you will feel life blossom.

13. CREATE & create & create. There is no end to your creative capacity. It is a bottomless ocean. Create endlessly! Your well will not dry up.





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