Posted by on April 9, 2014

Dear You,

Thank you.

Thank you, for your rumbling clouds, big like blue whales, hiding so much mystery & secret, as my plane descended.

Thank you, for the sunset that greeted me hello upon arrival. The big ball of orange fire sinking so perfectly along the wet horizon.

For Guatemala City & Quetzalroo. For the morning coffee. For how plans switched & changed in flow with the inspiration from perfect strangers.

How each moment was exactly what I needed. How I was exactly where I needed to be. How every soul I encountered was precisely who I was meant to meet.

For the busses & shuttles & for keeping me safe. For the drivers & fellow travelers. For every molecule of sight being new to me. For the smoky, sweet fragrance of unknown woods burning. For the heat, the cobblestones, the dirt, the trees, the wind.

for the LAKE. for Lago Atitlan. for the afternoon conversations with her curling, lapping wakes. for the lullaby of her, to me, in a hammock. to her listening. to her accepting my fears & thoughts & worries. for how she took them all from me, and left me with an openness, a space, a clearing — for something new. for the grandmother & grandfather of her. for my ancestors i felt just over my shoulders.

for the food poisoning. for the pocket knife. for the olive oil. for the insomnia.

for the gentlest sleeps & wakings.

for the moments of alone, the long, wondrous minutes of silence.

the barking dogs, nightly.

for reminding me that my spanish is really quite good.

for reminding me that i am enough.

for reminding me that i am not tethered to, or defined, by any of my possessions or work or committments in the usa.

for reminding me that i can still love all of my life ingredients in the u.s., while knowing i am beyond all of it.

for letting me know that i have just as much in common with a lake as i do a person.

for benjamin. for marcos. for marne. for faith.

for embroidery, huipiles, mayan women, their artistry, their protection of their secrets.

i honor their secrets, i honor that they will never be owned by anyone or any entity.

for being on my own, and yet never alone.

& so, so, so much more.




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