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in the last month, the universe has asked me to honor my gift.

it began when my first book arrived in the mail, my first participation in an anthology!

it continued as i printed out my very first self-published chapbook: This Body, Our Lullaby.

it deepened as i’ve calmly walked into my second professional poetry reading @ Cal State LA.

as i continue to get these signs from the universe that “yes, you are a writer,” “yes, this is your path,” i learn more & more how to say “yes” to life, say “yes” to my gifts, say “yes” to the opportunities that open up to me at every moment.

I SAY YES, to all of it.

A few days ago, I began a solo journey into Guatemala. Not physically, but spiritually.

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Lago de Atitlan ever since I first heard wind of its magic.

I see myself there, and I will be there at the end of March, just in time for Spring Equinox.

While I’m there, I will be writing, hopefully weaving a brand new book of poems & prose, thoughts & essays.

I will cook, breathe, explore, & rest. I will be poet in the world, feasting on the unknown, taking in new sights & sounds, surrounded by strangers that I hope will become friends, teachers, & spirit guides.

I’ve prayed to the ancestors for safety & protection. I’ve prayed to mama earth to open me up.

I am already on this journey, ready for what’s to come.

Wish me luck, wish me blessings, wish me magic.

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